This is Nothing Like it Was in My Room

Three more videos of the show, made available by DestakTV. Unfortunatly neither Mr. November, Fake Empire or Apartment Story are available, but we still have :


Secret Meeting

Mistaken For Strangers

Monday, May 12, 2008


Brooklyn-based Indie band The National performed live in concert last night at Aula Magna, Lisboa.

This was (one of) the highlight(s) of the gig :

Secret Meeting
Mistaken For Strangers
Baby We'll Be Fine
Slow Show
Squalor Victoria
Wasp Nest
Racing Like A Pro
Apartment Story
Soho Riots
Fake Empire
Start A War

Green Gloves
Mr. November
About Today

All of this just blew my mind...

Extreme Makeover

This blog will suffer yet again a makeover.

Due to the fact that one reader (thanks Mahamed from Canada for the support!) hopes for us to write about general music instead of only one genre, we will mash it all up.

We will restart this Monday with something we had done previsouly, and after our coverage of The National's concert in Lisbon next Sunday.
This has been postponed.

Please meet us again soon.

Saturday, May 10, 2008